Well,  I have been complaining for months on end about not hiking. Mainly because aside from Zuzu, I didn’t have anyone to go with me. FINALLY today, some friends decided to go with me and off to the wonderful world of the Cascades we went.

I thought that blogging about my hike with Zuzu would be a good follow up to Pet-ercise. Today was a long day, and its not even over. Before its done I will have gone to the gym, hiked,worked, watched some of my fav tv shows and done hw. I wish I was seeing the hunger games tonight at the midnight showing, or even tomorrow, but I will instead wait until I am back in RVA.

Very excited about this movie!!!

Anyways back to the hiking. I would not suggest going to the gym prior to a hike (Especially when its the first hike in months!!!!) That’s ok, I definitely fulfilled my cardio for the day as well as weights!

With today’s hike I was honestly more concerned about Zuzu since it had also been a long time for her as well. Now she has been on 4 mile bike rides recently (as her pace not mine…which means sometimes I walk my bike hahah) but as far as climbing and jumping…I was unsure if today would be too much.

Jooj didn’t let me down. I guess I have lucked out in having a dog who lets me know when she wants a break. And she let me know, but for the most part, I was trailing behind her!


I am grateful to say that today’s hike was a huge success!!! And although neither me, nor my friends and jooj were in real hiking shape, this was a wonderful start to my hiking season!

And when you finish/reach the top and get to see things like this….Its always worth the workout


Happy Thursday!!! Don’t miss out on my fav shows!!!



One thought on “Hiking

  1. It looks like you had a great hike! We wish we could have joined you. We always get leaves and sometimes sticks caught in our fur when we go into the woods. It is worth the adventure!
    Bella and DiDi

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