Just Your Average Day

Today,  I don’t feel like being the news source of interesting animal news that I normally am. Instead, I’m going to tell you about the past few days.


This weekend was a Parent’s Weekend. The P.U (Parental unit) came to visit me Saturday, and shortly after their arrival we headed to a new and nearby winery call Attimo.

Attimo means “In the Moment” in Italian. And all the wines were named after a moment in time, life, etc. Check out all the names and descriptions here

Some of their wines were sold out and wouldn’t be back in stock until May….which means another visit will be necessary!

Sunday, was a day for homework, setting up my new computer, and going to the dog park. Zuzu got to meet Bella! My co-worker’s dog and play with her old buddy Sirius the German shepherd!

Yesterday was my favorite day although a busy one….

I went into work to cover for one of the technicians..and I got do 2 dentals! I cleaned teeth! And got to dress up in surgery gear while doing it! (No pictures unfortunately) After work, I rushed to class, then went to the gym.

Then after a quick shower was back to class, and afterwards had Dinner with my friend, who brought Sirius for Zuzu. The dogs played while I cooked dinner and baked. I baked brownies, but with the special dessert wine I purchased from the winery.

So my wonderful brownies have a slight raspberry flavor. I put them in the freezer to bring home for Easter. I’m sure the family will love them!



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