Rich and Famous

When it comes to owning pets, Celebrities seem to make the front page somehow. Not necessarily because they are the world’s best pet owner, but I think it is because in someone Magazines believe showing the four legged friends will make us non-celebrities feel more connected, or rather make the celebrities seem like normal people.

I am not one to ogle at the rich and famous, honestly I rarely even recognize them, and even if I did, I don’t see the point in asking for an autograph-

Pets are just as popular in the celebrity group as anywhere else, which makes you wonder if they should be setting examples …


Sandra Bullock and RubySandra Bullock and her dog Ruby going for a walk….an example of a good dog owner

Kellen Lutz promoting adoption after adopting his pet- if a rich person can stay away from $1000 dollar dogs, so can the rest of us! (Although I do understand the idea of purebred dogs)


olivia-wilde-pooch-passion-02Olivia Wilde going for a jog of sorts with her two dogs- get in the exercise!

charlize-theron-chases-her-canines-02Charlize Theron  bringing her dog to the beach!

Ok so right now, some good examples of decent celebrity owners…..but then how do we explain this?

I came across this article:

Chris Brown Wants to Sell You a Pit Bull Puppy

The controversial singer (or maybe his mom) is selling Pit Bull puppies for $1,000 a pop/pup! Get your credit card ready, because you can buy one online!

You know, the world just doesn’t have enough pit bulls. Especially pit bulls from famous singers accused of beating up their girlfriends.

Fortunately, singer Chris Brown has stepped in to fill that gaping hole in the market. Check him out here with one of the pups.

Aww, what could be more innocent and cuddly, right? That pic tops the web page CB Breeds. It features eight ridiculously cute 2-month-old pups listed for $1,000 each. According to various sources, Brown’s publicist claims he is not going into a side business of breeding. She said something to the effect that his pit bull got preggo, and Brown wanted to see the dogs go to loving homes. So Brown’s mom made this site and tweeted the link.

First: I’m not sure that’s the best way to find a loving home. But hey, it’s nothing if not convenient. Check out this screenshot of how easy it is to buy one. Really, there’s nothing like screening your puppy’s future owners. Of course, the only screening they have to go through to get a pup is having money that can be sent online.

Second: Wow, what a coincidence! His dog happened to get knocked up by another pit bull! What are the odds? I guess like attracts like, because these pitties sure look pure. Check out a few of them.

Here’s Princess. Aww!

Meet Pretty.

And feast your eyes on Beauty.

Let’s not forget the more scraggly Fortune.

What’s up with those names, anyway? It really shows the namer has some deep and meaningful core values. (In fairness, the others are named Precious, Freedom, Jett, and Music.)

If Chris Brown has a publicist, he or she should probably have stopped this train wreck before it started. It’s a real black eye for him. (And he knows from black eyes.) Check out some comments on stories from other news sources and sites:

“That’s an amazing marketing idea! ‘Buy this puppy before I beat the crap out of it!’ ”

“Because ‘puppy mill operator’ is just what he needed to add to his resume.”

“Something along the lines of ‘Hope these bitches don’t disrespect him.'”

“One is a rabid, disgusting and dangerous creature that should be euthanize and destroyed,sent to the depths of Hell where it belongs. The other is a cute pitbull puppy.”

At Dogster World HQ in San Francisco, our hackles were up in force when this news came through. Dogster’s Community Manager, Lori Malm, dashed together a letter to Brown and sent it off to the e-mail address listed for the puppy business. I’m reprinting it here because it really gets to the heart of the matter:

Dear Chris Brown,

I am so disappointed to learn that you are breeding and selling Pit Bull puppies. A talented and successful man such as yourself can do so much better. 

Today, thousands of Pit Bulls will be euthanized because there just aren’t enough homes for them. There are currently 1,051 pit bull puppies listed on PetFinder that are in shelters waiting to be adopted. Why are you selling them when so many need homes? Please do the right thing and put your time and resources toward helping this wonderful breed by supporting pit bull rescue and adoption efforts.

Following is a link to thousands of rescue organizations and shelters with Pit Bulls available for adoption.

Thank you for considering how you can help Pit Bulls by supporting rescue and adoption efforts.

Lori Malm

So far, no answer …



Ok, While that article may or may not be harsh, the main problem I find with this would be that it is amazing to me that people dont spay/neuter their pets. SO if this is the real deal, and it was an accident….that means a rich and famous person for some reason wouldn’t spay his dog? And another nearby dog owner did neuter his….therefore helping increase the pet population? If you want to be a breeder, that is one thing, but lets face the facts…if your dog wasn’t fixed and you thought it was pregnant…instead of bringing more puppies without homes into the world the better solution would have been to get her spayed (Yes aborting the puppies). Instead now we have a famous back yard breeder.



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