Enter the wolf dog

I have always been fascinated by wolves, and even more so by wolf dogs. Growing up I always wanted a wolf dog, probably because White Fang

I mean, it was a good book, and the movie was epic as a child….who wouldn’t want a wolf dog or a wolf?

As I got older and did more research I realized how dangerous  wolves or wolf dogs can be when owned by people, especially those not use to wolves. They aren’t dogs, they have different communication patterns, oh and the big one…they are submissive. And not in the negative way most people associate with the word. Wolves in packs don’t usually fight, being submissive is essentially being the person who doesnt get angry and lets the insult slide. Dogs don’t have this. Not really. When we use submissive with dogs its different. Dogs and wolves don’t get along….I could go into details….but hey, if this interests you….read “Animals make us human” by Temple Grandin.  She knows what’s up and what’s going on in animal behavior.

Moving on…

In the past year, I met a wolf dog, and he was really neat, but not good with dogs (see previous paragraph) And then I decided, if I got a wolf dog….I’d stick with the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Raksha the purebred female Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

Looks wolfish but is still dog.

Where am I going with this? Well  some hikers in Idaho found what they thought was a fluffy puppy and turned out to be a wolf pup.

“Vacationing hikers in Ketchum, Idaho saved what they thought was a lost house pet – only to learn that the pup in their possession was an orphaned wolf.

After returning to camp, the hikers brought the young wolf to a nearby vet who immediately suspected that this was  no ordinary house pet. A Defenders of Wildlife representative concurred, and a DNA test was ordered to verify if the pup is pure wolf, or a hybrid.

Idaho Fish and Game spent the weekend searching for a wolf pack near where the pup was found, hoping to reunite it with its family, but they did not find any sings of a pack in the area.

Zoo Boise has agreed to provide temporary housing until Fish and Game can find it a permanent home.

Officials said the pup likely became separated from a roving pack. Idaho Fish and Game reminds campers and hikers to be careful when approaching young animals in the wild.”

It is cute….but doesnt look like a dog to me!

This story courtesy of Lifewithdogs.tv and the full story and interesting video can be found here


One thought on “Enter the wolf dog

  1. Hi there! I came across your blog and actually have a wolf dog of my own. =) Her name is Luna. We also have a puppy, a German Shepherd mix, and they do indeed get along entirely well, they’ve become best buds. It really depends on the type of content the wolfdog is. Being a first time owner, you would not be buying a high-content wolfdog. My wolf dog loves playing and is fine with other dogs and humans. It can be such an enjoyable experience! If you would like more first-hand knowledge on wolfdogs, feel free to check out my blog on it!

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