Ok I have seen, read, experienced some relatively disturbing things in my life. Many times when I read about something, or something occurs I have a moment of shock where I think, WTF.  Most of the time it involves reading about  oh the flesh eating bacteria in GA or maybe that strange case of a man eating someone else face…..very disturbing right?

Well today I came across something that disturbs me on many levels, and overall astonishes me that it happened. Please read on:

A small humane society in northern Georgia has been deceiving pet owners by claiming to be a no kill shelter, collecting donations for its cause, and killing the dogs it claims to save.

Fox5 I-Team reports:

Pet owners from hundreds of miles away drive to a small humane society in the north Georgia mountains because they think they’re saving lives, but an undercover Fox5 I-Team investigation found exactly the opposite. For $100, customers could guarantee their dog or cat at the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter would not be euthanized. 

In a revolting case of deception, the shelter sent e-mails to owners forced to relinquish their pets telling them their lucky pet had been adopted – when in fact, they had been killed.

Please click HERE to see video featured on FOX news 


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