And the winner is…

As you guys all know, I was training for a OCB Bikini competition. It took place this past Saturday June 27th 2015.

My training had been the reasoning behind the lack of activity on here. But I am here to give you the story of the weekend and how my competition went!

Thursday: 2 days out from Competition, I went to work, and afterwards got a spray tan. This was my base color for the show. Being dark on stage helps you show up with all the lights so that the judges can see your muscles and body.

Friday: 1 day out from the show!

I woke up, ate my breakfast, and went grocery shopping! Whoohoo! I got to pick up snack for the competition as well as some goodies to have after it was done! Sadly, my goodies for after the show consisted mainly of fruit.

I then did my own nails with some that I bought at walmart!


Later that afternoon I did a posing practice to make sure I felt confident in my T-walk routine! And then in the evening, My trainer came over and did the first few layers of my Jan Tana coloring, which went over the spray tan and made me dark!  I ate dinner and went to bed early that night!

Saturday! Competition Day! I woke up and ate breakfast which consisted of sweet potato, oats, and black cofffee


I woke up early in order to have another layer of Jan Tana put on, as well as my makeup!

new camera june 2015 337 new camera june 2015 338

This was the base layer, makes me look really funny!

20150627_075943 And  then it turned into this, but I still thought I looked very odd and unlike myself!!!

My trainer and I headed over to the competition ground around 8am to reserve a spot for the day and to check in! We also touched up my makeup, my Jan Tana color, and put on the suit!

new camera june 2015 341 20150627_085942 20150627_163918

I felt great! But now we had to wait until I was about to go on stage. So we did some light exercises to keep the blood flowing and muscles pumped!

new camera june 2015 347 new camera june 2015 345

Finally it was time to go on stage for Prejudging!

new camera june 2015 360 new camera june 2015 380  The lovely blonde next to me did end up winning!! She was super nice! I was really happy to have met her and the other girls in the show! They were all so amazing!


Later in the evening it was time for the T-walk! I rocked mine! (aside from slipping at one point) But first we had to do touch ups to the tan


Then I went out on stage and did my walk to “Applause” By Lady GAGA. I felt great, and had a wonderful time!IMG_0747 IMG_0737

IMG952283 got goodies from Shanda (my trainer)

new camera june 2015 359 FB_IMG_1435546412197 Took some pictures with my support!

And then I went out to Eat for Mexican!

IMG952284 And after all the clean eating, all I order was a Pina Colada, and rice and beans!!!

And when I finally made it home, I had beautiful flowers waiting for me from my sister and brother-in-law


Overall it was an amazing experience! I had a blast! I met amazing women!

I was a little disheartened that I did not place, but at the same time was so very happy for all those other girls! They worked just as hard (maybe even harder) than I did and definitely deserved it! But I made sure to talk to the judges afterwards to get feedback!

Now I am 9 weeks away from doing another competition! I will be training extra hard for this one! And I will be super excited to know I now know some of the girls I will be seeing and will be able to hang out the whole day with them again!!


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