A Dog and A Cat

I credit the animals in my life as my inspiration and motivation in pursuing my dreams. They also are my best friends, without whom, I sometimes would feel very lost. After all, sometimes its not socially acceptable to ask your friends or family to cuddle, whereas my furry companions, are always there and willing. They keep me mentally and physically fit, and here are the two main contenders in my life right now.


Meet Zuzu, aka Joojdog, aka JOOJ

Me and Jooj have been inseparable for 8.5 years now. If soul mates exist, she is most definitely mine. She will come with anywhere, any time. I sleep with her every night. She loves the outdoors and a good adventure, and without her, my daily activities would be mediocre.

Meet Munchkin aka Munchies

Munchies has been with me for about 4 years! I didn’t name her, she had been fostered, and learned her name, therefore when I got her, I decided to go ahead and keep the name she already had. And it is very fitting as she never is satiated. She is a big snuggler and loves to play. I am fairly certain her and Zuzu are best friends.

A dedication to Lex Luthor

I was going to adopt this awesome kitten, but he died from FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

I had been debating and confused about what I wanted to do, if I should try for vet school again, or do something different, and his death (which resulted in Munchkin) opened my eyes. After putting him down, and holding him throughout the whole ordeal, I realized I needed to pursue my life long dream, and that I shouldn’t give up just yet. Perhaps one day I’ll find a cure for something such as FIP.

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One thought on “A Dog and A Cat

  1. Megan,
    I just checked e-mail and noticed that you left a message about your
    website. You do know that I am technology challenged. I don’t exactly
    know how I got here but I just read your blog and I loved it. I have
    seen Zuzu in a new light. I need to know about Lex Luthor and FIT. I
    think you are an exceptional person and I love you very much.
    Always, PS what is a gravatar

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