The Animal


About the Title:

Raining Dogs and Cats. What does it mean? I love animals, I love working with them, and I am surrounded by them on a daily basis. I finally have my license as a veterinary technician! I am currently becoming certified as a nutritional therapist, while helping people with fitness and health as a fitness coach!

About Me:

I am aware I am calling myself an animal. And there is a reason for that. I have recently been told, that I am very animal-like due to my connections with animals. Many people might take that as an insult, however I like the idea that people believe I have a connection with animals.

Moving onward!

This is me, and my dog Zuzu (see the A dog and A cat section)


I was told since I was age three, I would say I wanted to work with animals, take care of them, like a doctor. I found out sometime later in life the term for that was a veterinarian, and I  was set.

My first job was at the local Petsmart, and  when the time for college came around, it was a no-brainer, Virginia Tech since the Virginia based vet school is also located in Blacksburg.

I graduated Virginia Tech in December of 2010 with a B.S in Animal and Poultry Sciences , and a B.A in Spanish.

(*insert your lame joke about spanish and animals here*)

While ridiculed for my Spanish double major by students, I was applauded by my professors for the brilliant idea. They thought being bilingual and working with animals was a great idea, and didn’t understand why more people didn’t do it.

I had at that time applied to vet school, but it didn’t feel right. So many things went wrong, last minute and I wasn’t feeling strong about my application. I got wait-listed. It was devastating.

In February of 2011 I started working for Richmond Animal League.   A nonprofit organization dedicated to saving animals lives. I loved it, but then in April found out the random graduate school application I had sent off, was accepted, and I had a decision to make.

After some thought, I decided to go back to school, get a Master’s in Spanish, and get more experience in a vet clinic.

So now after months of teeter totting back and forth,  I have realized I do not want to go for vet school, but instead want to be a licensed vet tech. I have started taking classes, got a job as a veterinary assistant at a clinic that will let make take my clinical there…and flash forward to present day..and I am a LVT!

Over the years I have also grown passionate about health and fitness! As I mentioned I am getting certified as a nutritional therapist and working as a fitness coach!

What can you Expect?

You can expect to have interesting stories of my daily activities as well as blurbs about animals, vets , and anything related.

You can also expect to find nutritional, health, and fitness information! You can follow me on my personal fitness journey as well! And perhaps I can help you start yours!

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