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I Love Kickboxing!


No really! I do!

A few months ago I got wind of a new kickboxing place opening up in Chesapeake! I was stoked! I wanted to try something new to shake up my workout routine. I was so very tired of the treadmill and stair master during my competition prep that I considered running to be fun! (Those of you who know how much I dislike running, know how crazy this sounds)

Finally in May I found out that this lovely kickboxing place…so conveniently named ILOVEKICKBOXING.COM was offering classes with gloves for an amazing deal! I immediately signed up.

I went to my first class last Thursday, and I was sold! I then signed up for a yearlong membership.

20150706_183626(Yes I got the girly pink gloves and wraps)

Basically the breakdown so far is this:

15 minutes of warming up which consists of jogging, squatting, planking, pushups, ab workouts, mountain climbers, high knees, burpees, etc. Its basically 15 minutes of a high intensity interval workout to get your whole body moving and ready!

Stretching: some unknown period of time- as stated, now we get to stretch everything out really well. I don’t think this goes on for more than 10 minutes, if that long.

Bag time! This is the fun part where they show and teach you the moves to beat the hell outta that bag. Its fun and it goes through many rounds with different techniques!

I am so excited to be adding this amazing workout into my training!

If you live in the area, or if you don’t (its a franchise all over the country) definitely check them out!

One of the best perks, is that if you have a membership you can go to ANY of their locations!!! Which means if you are traveling, and want to work out…you can!! I plan to do this when I travel to Boston this weekend!!


Return of the Jedi, King,..nah just LVT passionate about Fitness!

Hello everyone! Its the Return of the Jedi!


No the King!

download (1)

Ok It’s neither of those! It’s just me! Who finally is a LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician!)

20140815_155457 20140822_171805 20150610_080124

It’s been a long while…

As in years…as in 3 or 4 years!!!! I But alas! I have returned. Many things have happened over the past few years, and now that I have:

1. Finished school officially

2. Got my veterinary technician license

3. Found an amazing job

I can finally start focusing on other parts of my life, such as sharing the ins and outs of veterinary medicine, spreading my passion of health and fitness (soon to be a coach), and motivating others to follow their dreams!

I have officially become a fitness coach for Team Beachbody! What does that mean? Aside from saving animals’ lives as a LVT daily, I am now here to offer help and support for anyone interested in changing their health and fitness status!

I am not a certified trainer (that may happen down the line, but one step at a time), and I am not a registered dietitian. However, by being a Fitness/Health coach for Team Beachbody I have access to tools and information by registered dietitians and certified trainers to pass along to you!  I am also getting certified as a nutritional therapist. Which means I will be certified to create adjust meal plans to help other people out.

*Disclaimer! I again am not a dietitian, nutritionist, or a doctor, but as a Nutritional Therapist can revamp your diet, make sure there are no deficiencies, and help you find a meal plan that you can stick to for your weightloss/ health needs*

My own personal fitness Journey Started in 2009 when I was diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patella aka arthritis in my patella bones. Between physical therapy and  weightlifting I am pain free 90% of the time. In 2013  I was also diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance. So my diet has also had a huge makeover. I have been doing my own research, and getting advice and help from professionals for years, and now I am here to help you guys!

If you need help and advice on potty training your dog, or selecting food, I can offer advice and assistance. And now if you need help with figuring out ways to live a fit and healthy lifestyle I am also here for you!

If interested, please contact me via MWfitcoach@gmail.com

Moving onward, what can you expect from the revival of rainingdogsncats blog?  You can expect animal related posts like I did in the past- some for fun, some about behavior, pets, wild animals, etc. You can also no expect to see health and fitness related topics in the mix. So it will be a blend, of the two things that dominate my life:

20150528_192740Animals! (Yes that’s Zuzu, aka Joojdog. nearly 9 years old !)

IMG_2183And fitness! (This was a picture from a 6 mile race I did Memorial day weekend)

In the meantime, mark me on your bookmarks for animal information, fitness/health advice, and motivation


“De todos los animales de la creación el hombre es el único que bebe sin tener sed, come sin tener hambre y habla sin tener nada que decir” ~ John Steinbeck

(Translation: Of all the animals created, Man is the only one that drinks without thirst, eats without hunger, and talks with nothing to say)

The Westminster 136th Show was on TV for the past two nights. Last night, the winner was selected, for those of you who missed it, these were the final seven contenders:

Dalmation Ian at WestminsterDalmatian- A breed that has never won the Westminster

German Shepherd WestminsterGerman Shepard

wirehaired Dachshund


Irish Setter


Kerry Blue Terrier

I bet you may have guesses as to which dog took the Ribbon, however, I was extremely disappointed by the choice:

The furball took the gold. Very disappointing, I was very much rooting for the Dalmatian.


My biological clock has henceforth decided that 6:30am is the time to wake up. I have been unable to accept this yet. So this morning I stayed in bed an extra 45 mins hoping I could sleep more. But I guess my body knows best, and I perhaps was fully rested. After getting out of bed, feeding and watering the animals, I decided, to feed myself. Breakfast was the simple yet favorite of toast. I realize even though I have switched to whole wheat or multi-grain products, I am suppose to be cutting carbs from my diet. Then again, with the ways things have been, I am curious if I will actually get to compete. I still am planning on it, although I am unsure of the actual date. I guess I will continue to train as though I’m going to need to be ready by May 5th, and see where it gets me.

I booked a ticket to go to NEW YORK to visit the Sister in March. Should be fun. I have to keep today’s entry short and sweet. This week is def. bogging me down with work.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Did you have a favorite in the Westminster?

What is you favorite dog breed?