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I Love Kickboxing!


No really! I do!

A few months ago I got wind of a new kickboxing place opening up in Chesapeake! I was stoked! I wanted to try something new to shake up my workout routine. I was so very tired of the treadmill and stair master during my competition prep that I considered running to be fun! (Those of you who know how much I dislike running, know how crazy this sounds)

Finally in May I found out that this lovely kickboxing place…so conveniently named ILOVEKICKBOXING.COM was offering classes with gloves for an amazing deal! I immediately signed up.

I went to my first class last Thursday, and I was sold! I then signed up for a yearlong membership.

20150706_183626(Yes I got the girly pink gloves and wraps)

Basically the breakdown so far is this:

15 minutes of warming up which consists of jogging, squatting, planking, pushups, ab workouts, mountain climbers, high knees, burpees, etc. Its basically 15 minutes of a high intensity interval workout to get your whole body moving and ready!

Stretching: some unknown period of time- as stated, now we get to stretch everything out really well. I don’t think this goes on for more than 10 minutes, if that long.

Bag time! This is the fun part where they show and teach you the moves to beat the hell outta that bag. Its fun and it goes through many rounds with different techniques!

I am so excited to be adding this amazing workout into my training!

If you live in the area, or if you don’t (its a franchise all over the country) definitely check them out!

One of the best perks, is that if you have a membership you can go to ANY of their locations!!! Which means if you are traveling, and want to work out…you can!! I plan to do this when I travel to Boston this weekend!!