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The Sound of Music

“Las personas son como los animales. También necesitan ser acariciadas.”~ David Herbert Lawrence

Many of us pet owners, more specifically, dog owners, have to deal with the anxiety issues that trouble our 4-legged companions. Well my friends, courtesy of Dogster and the composers, there is now a cd listing at #19 on Billboard, that may help.

Dogs these days often suffer from various forms of anxiety such as thunderstorm phobias, separation anxiety, compulsive digging or chewing…and a lot of it can be cause by stress. But where does this stress come from? Well yes it can be linked to a lack of exercise, or perhaps even obesity, but there is a lot of stress, believe it or not cause by noise. Dogs have a very different capacity of hearing than us humans, and when it comes down to the nitty gritty, clearly some music or noise that we might enjoy, could be causing them stress.

Lisa Spector is an award winning pianist who discovered her classical tunes had a very calming effect on her fido. When she brought this up to  sound researcher Joshua Lee, and the two of them began creating music for dogs.


SpectorLisa Spector

The album released is a series of songs on the Piano, and it has been tested many a times. Your dog might fall asleep, but calm down, and potentially lay down-guaranteed.


In other news, something I forgot to add to my post yesterday about the Westminster, for those of you who watched it, you may have noticed a lack of the previous year’s adopt-a-dog commercial by Purina.  This year, the Westminster decided featuring pampered, happy pets would be a better way to promote the celebration of dog ownership, since that is the essence of their show.

My personal favorites were those by Subaru, which are very well done and funny. Here are links to two of my favorite ones




Both feature the same dogs, but different adventures. Any dog lover is sure to approve.


Have a Happy Thursday!

Have you noticed that your dog enjoys different music?

What are your favorite Pet Commercials?




“De todos los animales de la creación el hombre es el único que bebe sin tener sed, come sin tener hambre y habla sin tener nada que decir” ~ John Steinbeck

(Translation: Of all the animals created, Man is the only one that drinks without thirst, eats without hunger, and talks with nothing to say)

The Westminster 136th Show was on TV for the past two nights. Last night, the winner was selected, for those of you who missed it, these were the final seven contenders:

Dalmation Ian at WestminsterDalmatian- A breed that has never won the Westminster

German Shepherd WestminsterGerman Shepard

wirehaired Dachshund


Irish Setter


Kerry Blue Terrier

I bet you may have guesses as to which dog took the Ribbon, however, I was extremely disappointed by the choice:

The furball took the gold. Very disappointing, I was very much rooting for the Dalmatian.


My biological clock has henceforth decided that 6:30am is the time to wake up. I have been unable to accept this yet. So this morning I stayed in bed an extra 45 mins hoping I could sleep more. But I guess my body knows best, and I perhaps was fully rested. After getting out of bed, feeding and watering the animals, I decided, to feed myself. Breakfast was the simple yet favorite of toast. I realize even though I have switched to whole wheat or multi-grain products, I am suppose to be cutting carbs from my diet. Then again, with the ways things have been, I am curious if I will actually get to compete. I still am planning on it, although I am unsure of the actual date. I guess I will continue to train as though I’m going to need to be ready by May 5th, and see where it gets me.

I booked a ticket to go to NEW YORK to visit the Sister in March. Should be fun. I have to keep today’s entry short and sweet. This week is def. bogging me down with work.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Did you have a favorite in the Westminster?

What is you favorite dog breed?